Madeleine's background is in illustration, graphic and product design. Starting her career in the art department for TV & Film then set up her own design practice, Mibo. Overwhelmed by the sheer volume of products she witnessed at the numerous trade shows she attended, she set out on a quest to create only products with purpose, which would have as small a carbon footprint as possible. 

Mibo’s award winning DIY paper animals were released in 2011.  The kits struck a chord with a public looking for wholesome, ecologically minded gifts for children and were sold both major and independent stores in the UK and internationally.   Madeleine then went on to adapt the animal characters for a successful series of books for very young children, which have now been translated into many languages. Alongside this work, she provides a range creative services for like-minded organizations.

Madeleine is current re-aligning her practise in response to the climate/ecological crisis we are now facing.  She recently took time to explore this further, graduating from The University of Brighton with an MA in Sustainable Design (Dist) in 2019.  She now aims to use design as a means to engage with, inform and describe alternative futures.