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A quick visual guide to the evolution of mibostudio


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I continue to investigate different design research methods to investigate land use/cultural values. Those old enough to remember 'Play your cards right' might feel familiar with the format of this interactive piece of research into aesthetic values Vs ecological health in landscapes. 

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To develop my practice further, I start an MA in Sustainable Design at the University of Brighton. I use design research methods such as speculative design to describe alternate futures, re-imagining how we consider our relationships with other species.

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I  re-focus my creative energies and study Design for Social Innovation at Kingston University. The course culminates with a live project with a local school. 



Mibo starts its long running collaboration with French brand Coq en Pate. Their commitment to create ethical products alongside campaigning and storytelling around biodiversity proves to be a good fit. We continue to work with the IUCN, Sabrina Kreif and many more environmental organizations. 

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After searching to develop a design-led product with as small a carbon footprint as possible, I develop Mibo's Make Them Yourself 3D paper animals. We are soon working with WWF on a special set of endagered mammals. The paper animals win Best Children's Product at a major trade show. 

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Building on the success of the paper animals, Mibo is commissioned to write and illustrate a series of books about wildlife for children. The books feature a integrated making element. I enlist the wonderful author Jason Hook to help write the words on the later series. 



More work on the books, with a second series published. It's great to see the books on the main tables at Foyles in London and Barnes & Noble in New York. The book are translated into French and Italian.

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Whilst continuing with freelance work, I develop the A-Z OF BEING A BETTER PLANET MATE which acts as a guide living with a more ecological mindset.  Part game, part manifesto, it gently demonstrates that if we act in unison, things can change. The research also serves as a kind of directory of organizations and individuals making positive change. 

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The pandemic brings some time for reflection, coupled with a sudden transition to home-schooling two young children. I continue with my freelance work and research. I also volunteer as an urban shepherd, which is a lovely way to connect with nature (and get out of the house).

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September sees the completion of two years work on the MA, culminating in an exhibition in Brighton. My final project examines human/non-human relationships with a particular focus on land use. I use speculative design, video and games to examine the complexities of this important subject area. 

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The books are released as smaller board backed versions for younger readers. There are gentle reminders of the importance of looking after the environment in the books, but their main aim is to inpsire love and awe for the species around us.


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